Name Above All Names

7th May

Through faith in the Name of Jesus, this man was healed – and you know how crippled he was before. Faith in Jesus’ Name has healed him before your very eyes…..Let me clearly state to all of you and to all the people of Israel that he was healed by the powerful Name of Jesus Christ the Nazarene…

Acts 3:36, 10a

Friends, we have such a powerful weapon, freely accessible, at any time, yet instead of using it, we trust in mere human words or in our own ability to make things right! If we take scripture as literal, which we should, if we believe what is written, then we should have faith to trust in the powerful Name of Jesus Christ in every situation and in every circumstance. His Name is a powerful weapon that completely blows sickness, disease, weakness and sin back to where it came from. His Name is power.

In Jesus’ Name, from the early church times, until this day and forevermore, people are saved from their sins, healed even from death, released from bondages, set free from curses and filled with unspeakable peace and joy. Jesus never sleeps, or goes on holiday, or is never away from ‘His throne’. He is God all the time, and never will stop being. His Name is power. His Name is healing, comfort and security. His Name means ‘SAVIOUR’. Friends, let us too have the boldness that Peter had, to not overcomplicate things, but to clearly state, that it is only in JESUS’ NAME that men can be saved, healed and set free. There is no other Name by which men shall be saved. Call out His Name. JESUS JESUS JESUS! My Healer and Saviour.

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