Opposites Are Not Always Equal

Wednesday 12th December

Psalm 139



Have you ever been asked the question of opposites? For example if I said to you what is the opposite of black, you would probably say white. Or what about left, you would surely say right! What if I said what’s the opposite of God? Would you automatically say the devil? Well in some part you are right. The devil in his character is the absolute opposite of God. Yet on the other hand, the devil actually doesn’t even fit the description of being God’s opposite. In fact the more we think about it, he is far from it. The truth is, God is so far beyond anyone or anything that He has no opposite. The devil along with the rest of the world is a created being (the fallen angel lucifer). What is the only one thing that is not created?? The Almighty Creator God Himself. That is not to say that we should underestimate our enemy for that would be foolishness, but rather it is to say that the splendour and supremacy of our Great and Mighty God is unmatched, unrivalled and unchallengeable.


In Psalm 139 David picks up on just how great our God is. It is almost a mirror passage of Romans chapter 8 whereby Paul comments of the magnitude of God’s love for us. In this Psalm, David picks up on the omnipresence, omnipotence and omniscience of our God yet being all these things, still is a personal God who knows our personal needs.


David understood that God knew him inside out (omniscience). There was no secret that he could keep from God. In everything he did and said, God was already one step before him. In verse 4, David says that before he even had a word on his tongue, God knew it already. Yet he was fully secure in this understanding of God’s character. He knew, as the NLT puts verse 5, that God went before him and followed him, laying His hand of blessing over David’s every step. What a comforting yet incomprehensible truth. God knows us better than we know ourselves and watches over our every step.


David then describes God’s omnipresence. He comments in verse 7 that no matter where he went God would always be there. He, like the apostle Paul in the Romans passage, gives extremities of God’s presence. From the heights of the Heavens to the depths of hell, from the breaking of dawn to the ends of the sea is God’s presence known. Yet in all these places God is there to guide and to lead us. We cannot run away from God. That may be a comforting thought or a challenging one dependant on your circumstance yet in both cases God’s intentions are only good for us.


David further expresses this by highlighting God’s omnipotence. God not only knows us inside out and is everywhere, but He takes care of the intricate details of our lives. We are, as David stresses in verse 14, fearfully and wonderfully made. God in His power and authority intricately and carefully knitted you together in your mother’s womb. His design for you is perfect and unique. The awesome Creator God not only cares for the world He created for us, but cares individually for every need. Verse 16 says that God’s eyes watched us taking form as a human and wrote every detail of our life down in His book. God knows our every step before we take it. David marvelled at God’s infinite wisdom and knowledge and was humbled to be known by such a God


Our God is an awesome Creator God who values our lives, taking great care over our every need. He has no opposite or equal. Let the knowledge of who He is transform our lives and make us transparent before His presence so that we may be “led into the path of everlasting life” (verse 24).  


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