On The Wings Of Love..

Wednesday 9th January

Isaiah 40:27-31


In an astonishing and revealing prophecy, Isaiah highlights in this passage, the Father heart of God to His beloved children, His chosen people Israel. Although

they will soon fall into captivity as a result of their rebellion to God, in His mercy He is already planning their return from captivity and through the prophet Isaiah, comforts them and reminds them of His awesome power and love towards them.


We read in the first parts of this amazing chapter, of God’s magnitude and sovereignty over all the Earth. Isaiah reminds the Israelites that the Lord God has no equal; no-one can match His greatness or be compared to His might. Verse 16 says that “all the trees and animals of Lebanon (and that was a lot) would not be enough to make a burnt offering worthy of our God.” What an amazing picture. This is not to say that Isaiah is painting a picture of an arrogant God but rather reminding them that the very image of the splendour and enormity of God cannot be matched.


Today’s passage is the pinnacle of this text. The Israelites were questioning God as to why He had abandoned them in their time of need (even though it was self-inflicted) and left their prayers unanswered. Yet this beautiful section about God’s character reminds the Israelites that actually He was right there with them. He asks two rhetorical questions challenging the Israelites to remember what they know of God’s character. But he doesn’t wait around to get an answer from them. He proceeds by encouraging them that God is an everlasting God, the Creator of the Earth and He never grows weary. In other words, the Israelites might grow tired of their groaning and moaning yet God’s ears were always attentive and He heard their cries. His depth of understanding is un-equalled. Why? Because He was already looking ahead to get them out of the situation they put themselves in and furthermore, He would be with them through it.


Isaiah further encourages them by highlighting that God gives strength to all people, when they are tired and weary, for His resource of strength is endless. When they fall He will pick them up. However there is a condition in this passage found in verse 31, “They that trust in the Lord…. Will find new strength.” By trusting in God in the midst of their circumstance God promises to carry them and renew their strength.


He then gives an amazing imagery of being carried on Eagles wings. Eagles have the ability to fly upwards without actually flapping their wings. They soar on the rising air current (called thermals), extend their wings and rise upwards or maintain a glide. Although Isaiah might not have know this scientific explanation as to how an eagle can effortlessly fly, he knew that this same imagery was God’s heart for His people. Its like God was saying to the Israelites (my words) “stop flapping your wings, your going to make yourself weary…trust me. Let me take you on my wings, for I effortlessly soar in the sky. All you need to do is trust me and hold out your arms.”


This promise still stands for us. Sometimes we get so flustered and burdened by circumstances we find ourselves in. Yet God in His infinite mercy extends His gracious hand and reminds us that He already knows our lives. He just wants us to surrender our will to His, trust Him and be carried by Him through lives rough moments. He didn’t promise that we wouldn’t go through hard times on earth but He did promise that if we trust Him, He would carry us through it.



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