A Withering Tree

Thursday 7th February

Matthew 5:6


“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled”


We received a bon-sai tree for Christmas. It was beautiful but slowly withered away due to the lack of attention it got. Sadly it’s on its deathbed. I am trying to resurrect it with a daily feeding of water and it is slowly coming back to life. It reminded me of a basil plant we used to keep too. After a few weeks of purchasing it, again because of lack of attention, its leaves started to dry and wither. Unbelievably, as I started to water it everyday it sprung back into life and looked fresher and smelt better than before.


So often in our lives with Christ this is sadly the case. We become so engrossed in our daily lives, being busy, meeting friends, investing in our relationships, and working hard in our jobs that we so often neglect God. How often have you gone without reading your Bible? How often have you gone, dare I say, without praying to God? Neglecting these important Spiritual disciplines causes us to become like my bon-sai tree. We wither away and die. Then before we realise it we find ourselves further and further away from God. He is still there but the problem is us.



I am reminded of the blessed song written by Martin J. Nystrom, “As the deer”. He drew his inspiration from Psalm 41, where the Psalmist gives a beautiful picture of a deer that longs for streams of water to quench its thirst. So too the Psalmist longed and thirsted after God and His abundant stream of refreshing water. Jesus picked up this imagery too in the story of woman at the well (John 4:13-14), where He gives the Samaritan woman the promise of everlasting living water to refresh her soul so that she would never thirst again.


We must strive to always have longing for God, for His Word and for our relationship with Him through prayer and discipline. If you are feeling dry today ask God to pour into you His never-ending streams of refreshing water. Ask God to pour His blessing over your barren dry land and allow Him to water your hearts again and just like my resurrected basil tree, may your Spiritual lives blossom again and bear good fruit in accordance to God’s work in you. Just as the deer longs after streams of water, so our souls should hunger and thirst after the Lord and His righteousness.


Daily Prayer


Lord help me to be hunger and thirsty for You, for Your presence in my life, for Your eternal Words. Let Your Spirit refresh me, fill me and let me draw from you eternal spring of righteousness. Pour into my dry and barren heart. I love you Father.

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