Jesus Is With Us Always

Friday 12th March

Matthew 28:29

 “Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given to you. AND BE SURE OF THIS: I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS, EVEN TO THE END OF THE AGE.”


 What an amazing truth. Jesus the one who conquered death and sin, defeating the grave through His resurrection and who ever lives for us, stands by our side not only in His own victory but stands with YOU for your victory through life’s battles and struggles. Jesus does exactly what He says. You can be assured of that fact! He said He would be handed over and betrayed and He was. He said that if He was destroyed, He would rise again on the third day and He did. He said that He will be with you until the end of the age, and He will. He is truthful to His word and that is exactly why we can rest assured in this truth.

 Something happened in our family yesterday, which upon reflection highlights this truth even more. Jesus is always with us. No matter what situation we face, how much the enemy tries to disrupt and destroy our lives, Jesus is above and ever present in our situations. His presence with us in both the good and bad, is an anchor and cornerstone for our own personal lives, so that when tough times come, instead of drawing on our fallible and conditional strength, we draw on His infallible and unconditional love, mercy and strength. In fact it is a wonder how often He is with us and protects us even when we don’t realise it. But if Jesus said He would be with you always, He meant it.

 Interestingly, Jesus in the previous verse gives a commission to the disciples to go out and make disciples. This was no easy feat and was only achievable through the knowledge that Jesus was with them (and us) always. In fact, this commission is also ours and equally only achievable if we draw on Christ being with us and in us, for that is the HOPE OF GLORY!!

 Remember whatever you are facing right now, whether good or bad, whether to fulfil God’s commission or in coming back to Him, whatever the situation, BE SURE OF THIS: JESUS IS WITH YOU ALWAYS.

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