Following The Shepherd’s Voice

Monday 3rd June

John 10:27

“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow me…” 

I recently went to Wales for a few days and was awe struck at the beauty of the landscapes. Wales is so picturesque. As we sat outside our cottage we could see fields of cows and sheep. Quickly I was reminded of a previous trip to Wales with my family, when we woke up one morning to a Shepherd gathering his sheep for a feed. There were hundreds of sheep so he rode a quad bike and as he drove around the huge fields he simply called out to the sheep and they followed along behind him. It was so amazing to see so many sheep following just one man. The authority of the Shepherd’s voice was clear to see. 

Jesus often used the example of sheep following the Shepherd’s voice. It so easy to get caught up in life and follow the wrong voices or take a different path to the one God had intended for you. However when we heed the call of our great Shepherd, Jesus Christ, we quickly are reminded of His great grace and His loving heart towards us and find our direction again. In fact Jesus calls you His sheep because He knows you and wants you in His arms. Your response? To follow Him.

If you have become lost today and are in need of guidance, ask God to open you ears so that you may heed the call of our Good Shepherd who laid down His life for you to bring you back Him. Hear His voice!!


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