Peter’s re-commission

12th January

“…Then Jesus told him, “Follow Me.””

 John 21:19 (NLT)

 Jesus, the Light of the World, humbly came to live among us in the form a servant, suffered a sinners death at the hands of His own creation, however, most importantly, resurrected on that glorious 3rd day. John 21 relives Jesus’ appearance to the disciples after His resurrection and his profound conversation with Peter.

Earlier in the passion story Peter remarkably denies that he ever knew Jesus, fearful of the consequences of knowing and following a man who was on trail and soon to be put to death.

However, Jesus knew that Peter’s heart was for Him. When he re-appeared to Peter, He took him to one side and in a statement that overshadowed Peter’s denial, tells him again to “Follow Him”. However this time Peter does question Jesus by focusing on another disciple. Yet Jesus helps Peter to re-focus and concentrate on His walk with the Lord, “As for you, follow Me!!”

How wonderful and marvellous that Jesus could not only forgive Peter of denying Him but re-commissioned him with the very first words He ever said to Peter. His first words were “Follow Me” and His last were “Follow Me.”

Let this be an encouragement to you today, that wherever you are in your journey with Christ, whether you have heard these words once, twice or many times, whatever you done, Jesus’ words are still the same “Come Follow Me.” Those words encompass companionship, they set out a journey, they are warm words and most importantly, they are personal to you.

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