If I Have You, I Have Everything, But Without You I am nothing!

16th January

 Then Christ will make His home in your hearts as you trust in Him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong…..”

Ephesians 3:17a (NLT)

The title of today’s devotion is taken from a Kari Jobe song titled, “Always Enough”. She sings of the truth that life is not worth living apart from Christ in us.

This wonderful verse from the book of Ephesians highlights to the reader, of God’s desire for an intimate and real relationship with them. This verse is almost like an evangelistic statement.

The very real truth is that every relationship we have is based on trust. We trust our families to love us unconditionally, we trust our spouses to be faithful, we even trust our children to be obedient and responsible. However, as we trust in Jesus more and more with our lives and our hearts, we realise that actually without Him, we can’t survive. We become increasingly vulnerable as we give Him and trust Him with every part of our being. The wonderful thing is that Christ can be trusted.

When we simply trust Jesus with our lives, He makes His home in our hearts. How amazing that God, the creator of all life, wants to make His home in your heart. He wants to walk with you, to surround you with His love, comfort and peace in all circumstances. This is so real, so raw, and so intimate. His love, as we discussed in yesterdays devotion, comes from an unlimited resource, it’s never ending. The more we trust Him with our lives, the deeper our roots grow in His love as we feed from His everlasting and unlimited resources.

Do you trust the Lord of LIFE with your life? Let Him make His home in your heart!

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