God: Our Protective shade

25th February

“The Lord Himself watches over you! The Lord stands beside you as a protective shade.

Psalm 121:5 

It’s often said that everyone has been assigned a guardian angel to look after them. Some have even seen their ‘angel’. However, what is exciting about today’s passage is the Psalmists conclusion that God Himself is there to be our guardian. The great thing is that it’s His choice to watch over and protect His own children.

The description of God as our protective shade is so humbling. So often we walk into places that have the potential to burn us or scald us. Yet God is there as our refuge. When we stand under His protection all fear is cast away, anxiety is gone, insecurities are silenced and we are overcome with all encompassing peace and safety.

However there is more. God’s shade and protection isn’t like a big cloud covering the sun, protecting us from harmful rays. It is so much closer. The Psalmist writes that God is right there beside us. He is closer than our very skin.

Whatever you are faced with today, know this: That God is on YOUR side. He is standing next to you, fighting for you, protecting you and shading you from harm. You can be at peace knowing that God is your protective shade despite of your circumstances. May God give us eyes to see His protective banner over us!