You Really Are The Son Of God

21st-22nd March

Weekend Edition

“When they climbed back into the boat, the wind stopped. Then the disciples worshipped Him. “You really are the Son of God,” they exclaimed.”

Matthew 14:32-33

What is our reaction when we encounter the presence of God, or see Jesus’ miraculous power? Do you believe that when you pray, you will be answered?

I was having a conversation with a friend of mine sharing about a miracle I had watched. The video was about a church that encountered a tornado that was coming straight towards them. The whole congregation gathered outside and started fervently praying. If the tornado had reached them they would have all been swept away. As they starting crying out to God, the tornado started dissolving into the clouds until it eventually disappeared to the sound of great rejoicing and jubilation.

As I was discussing this video with my friend I joked that the tornado dissolving must have been a coincidence. He then said the following statement that was so profound… “Coincidences happen when we pray”. Of course he was not saying that coincidences are a result of prayer, but rather, what we as Christians call a miracle, others might class as coincidence. However when we do pray, we are to expect miracles. The question we have to decide is, when I pray and I see God move, what is my reaction to it? Do I simply discard His wonder working power as merely coincidence, or I am humbled as the disciples were in the boat, knowing that truly Jesus is the SON OF GOD.

We mustn’t put God’s power down to coincidences but rather know that His miraculous power is as real and true today, as it was when Jesus walked on water and calmed the turbulent seas. What do you believe today?

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