The Commissioning Authority

9-10th May

Weekend Edition

Jesus called His twelve disciples together and gave them authority to cast out evil spirits and to heal every kind of disease and illness.”

Matthew 10:1

Yesterday we talked about the harvest being God’s work of salvation through lives being saved and the fields being God’s world that we live in. We looked at our responsibility in partnering with God to bring about His Kingdom and see lives being transformed by the love, grace, power and mercy of Almighty God.

In today’s passage Jesus calls His disciples together to put that mandate into practice. Jesus wasn’t talking about a hot air gospel but a pro-active and alive gospel that has the power to change people instantly. He wanted the fields to be harvested immediately. He wanted to see lives radically transformed by the power of His Holy Spirit through His disciples. He wanted to see “the Kingdom of God preached”, the sick healed, the dead raised, leprosy gone, and demons fleeing (verse 7). In fact these are some of the miracles performed through the life and ministry of Jesus Himself.

These needs are as true today as they were when Jesus was alive on Earth and commissioned His disciples to go out to share, heal and bless. Our responsibility doesn’t lie in selfish individual Christianity but in putting Jesus’ words in practice into our every day lives. Imagine a world where the Christians were not afraid to pray for their sick colleagues at work, to take a stand against the demonic and to heal sickness and disease.

However, notice that the disciples couldn’t do anything in and of themselves. All power and authority was given to them by Jesus Christ. It is because of this, when faced with opposition and persecution, they could preserve and continue in the call God had given them. So it is with us today. On our own we can do nothing, yet with the power and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, we become more than conquerors living to bring glory to the Name above all Names. It is only in His power that we can also fulfil His call to share, heal and bless.

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