Samson’s Greed And Unsolvable Riddle

15th May

“”All right,” they agreed, “let’s hear your riddle.” So he said:

Out of the one who eats came something to eat;

Out of the strong came something sweet.””

Judges 14:13b-14a

During Samson’s wedding preparation party to the Philistine woman of Timnah, he decided to challenge his new “companions” to a riddle. In exchange for solving it, the winner was to receive 30 garments of fine linen robes and 30 sets of festive clothing. However Samson knew his riddle was near impossible to solve. It is clear that he had ulterior motives. His greed for wealth and possession continued to dictate his lifestyle and decisions.

As expected the young men could not get the riddle, even after the fourth day of trying to figure it out. So the young men forced Samson’s wife, by threatening to murder her and her family, to deceive Samson and reveal the riddle to them. It seems like Samson’s plans for riches were quickly backfiring. Samson finally told his wife the answer to the riddle due to her persistent “nagging” and she in turn told the young men, who correctly answered Samson’s riddle.

Samson was outraged. He had been tricked by wife, lied to, deceived and whats more, he didn’t get the robes and linen that he thought he would rightfully receive. So he took revenge on the people of Ashkelon, killing 30 of their men, taking their robes and giving it to the young men, he had lost the competition to. In the space of a few days, Samson who thought he could gain riches, wealth and a wife, ended up losing everything.

How often to we get caught up in the spur of the moment, making wrong and selfish decisions that more often than not, have disastrous outcomes. Greed never wins as was proved in today’s story. It is only when we are fully submitted to the will of God, that we find His blessings in abundance. Greed is a deceiver. It ends up dictating our lives and always has an unquenchable thirst for more. We must be content with what we have, knowing all we do have is a gift from God.

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