The Light Of The World

3rd June

…and His life brought light to everyone. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it.”

John 1:4b-5

Light has so many characteristics. It shines to give light in the darkness, it exposes unclean places that have been neglected and gives direction in unknown places. When Jesus came into the world He accomplished all of the above.

Light in darkness

Sometimes it almost feels like this world is becoming a darker place, when in actual fact, it is not so much that darkness is filling the earth but rather there seems to be an absence of light. Moreover, darkness in and of it itself is actually only the absence of light. When we say it is dark, what we really mean to say is that the light cannot be seen. If Jesus is the light of the world and Jesus lives in us, then we should be shining brightly for all the world see. As Jesus rightly said in Matthew 5, “no one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket!” The amazing thing is, John tells in verse 5 that the light we possess can never be extinguished. We are always on the winning side. Don’t hide your light. Let it break through the darkness in this world.

Exposes unclean places

Jesus came into the world not to condemn us but that through Him we may saved. Yet Jesus’ perfection and Jesus’ light was so strong and so bright, that it exposed our sin, not to condemn us but rather to help us realise that we are the sick ones in need of a doctor and in need of saving. The light of Jesus exposed the darkness in our hearts so we could and can repent of our sin and be full of Jesus’ light.

Gives direction

Jesus’ light, as mentioned above, was never meant to be put under a basket. We must let our light so shine before men “so that everyone will praise our Heavenly Father” (Matthew 5:16). Any light that we possess is to guide people back to the Father. When Christians take authority in dark places, atmospheres change, darkness is exposed and the Name of Jesus Christ in lifted up, bringing glory to the Lord of all creation. Don’t hide your light but rather let it shine so bright. Darkness never wins and can never extinguish light.

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