Faith Comes From…?

9th June

So faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.”

Romans 10:17

Does faith just happen when we feel like trusting in God or when we know something will happen for certain? Well it takes takes a lot of faith to believe that when you are about to sit on a chair, the carpenter has made it well enough, that when you do sit on it, it won’t break. Or how about when you sleep? You have enough faith to know that when you close your eyes, you will wake up in the morning..!

Although these examples might seem trivial, the point is, is that faith is not built in what you think you know will happen but faith is built in belief of the one that makes things happen. Like the two blind men discussed yesterday, they didn’t have faith just because they saw themselves with open eyes, but rather because they knew Jesus could heal them. Their faith was found in Jesus Christ and what He could do. Yet how can we build our faith and trust in Jesus?

By hearing about Him in His word. The writer of Hebrews wisely writes that our faith is increased when we start hearing about the Good News of Jesus Christ audibly. Why? Because the word of God is powerful. It encourages our souls to hear about Christ’s victorious triumph on the cross where He defeated death and sin, or the numerous stories where Jesus healed the sick, delivered the oppressed and possessed, raised the dead to life, and spoke mighty words of hope, love, justice, liberty and acceptance. Yet the word of God and the Good News of JESUS is so much more than words but is the power to save lives.

When we pray in faith, yes let us believe that what we are praying for will come to pass, but rather than the faith be in what we are praying for, let it be found in the power of Jesus’ Name. Let our faith come from hearing about the Good News of Jesus. If your faith is increased by hearing the Good News of Jesus Christ, then go and tell others of Him too..

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