Stand Firm In Your Faith

21st -22ndJune

Weekend Edition

Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. And do everything with love!”

1 Corinthians 16:13-14

This morning, as I sat aside, I noticed a small ant carrying something 3 times it size. As it meandered its way over the rocky flower bed en route to the whole in the ground that they call home, it struggled to keep hold of this object. Yet it did not give up. At one point there was a bigger stone that this small ant came across (it probably was like a mountain to this ant). The object he was carrying was so heavy that the ant couldn’t find a way to carry it over the stone. The ant came at it from all different angles. He tried pulling it, pushing it, and dragging it until eventually he managed to get it over the stone and to its home. I was so humbled seeing this and was greatly encouraged.

We too go through so many trials in our lifetime, carry burdens and problems which sometimes seem so much bigger than us, yet we have an advantage. We have a God who is willing us on, who wants to carry our burdens and who make our path straight. Sometimes we needlessly fight our way through difficulties rather than relying on Jesus to make our path straight and remove our obstacles for us.

We need to take courage than when hardships come in our lives, we don’t need to give up or fight in our own strength. We can stand firm, be courageous and strong. Yet our courage, strength and faith all comes from being in the presence of God, resourced by His Holy Spirit and guided by His power. We can stand firm in our faith and we don’t need to give into the enemy. We can be like that small ant, when faced with situations bigger than ourselves, persevere and reap the reward of endurance. Don’t give up. Be bold and courageous and put your trust and hope in the God who created the world.

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