Hate Sin and Love Righteous Living

27th and 28th June

Weekend edition

Don’t just pretend to love others. Really love them. Hate what is wrong. Hold tightly to what is good.

Romans 12:9

We are surrounded by evil and sin. It can be so overwhelming sometimes. Even reading the news this morning, there is hardly any good news. In fact it makes you realise what a sinful world we live in. Murder, immorality and anger fill the daily headlines. We constantly are bombarded with bad news…with sad news. When will it change?

It will change when believers realise their responsibility to live like a ‘Romans’ Christian. When the believers in this world love, even when they don’t get love back. When they are kind, even when faced with hostility. When Jesus’ love and grace is so evident in our lives that it becomes contagious. When we stop focusing on ourselves and look to the needs of others, practically and prayerfully. When Christians rise up and do not compromise. When we say no to sin: Not just say no to sin but hate it. Hate the desire to even want to sin.

There is a reason sin is so tempting. Because it is, more often than not, pleasurable. Yet when you look at the root of sin, the only pleasure it gives is pleasure of self. Sin is selfish and only leaves us feeling empty. Let us pray that God would remove the desire to want to satisfy our fleshly cravings and we would be Spiritually minded and not carnally minded.

This world can change. Jesus’ death and resurrection proved that. The Apostles gave their lives so that the message of the cross could reach the nations. We are living proof that that message is still impacting people’s lives today. We need to have the same urgency to spread the love of Christ and the message of the cross to this desperate and needy world.

Yet all we do is in the power of Christ and not of ourselves. Let us pray that God would stir our hearts, so when we see negative news headlines, instead of being discouraged, we would join together and have an even greater desire to see Jesus’ love spread across the nations.

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