Working In Partnership With God

15th July

Now all the glory to God, who is able, through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.”

Ephesians 3:20

It is so great that God can use us to bring about His glorious works in this world and that Jesus may be further known to all people through God’s work in us. Sometimes we may not feel worthy to be used by God, but that is a lie we need to overcome. If we live our lives thinking that we are not worthy to be used by Him, then we will never accomplish anything. Moreover, it is His joy to use broken and imperfect vessels to bring about His glory. If we have confessed our sins, acknowledge that Jesus is Lord publicly and believe in our hearts, then according to the writer of Romans, we are saved. Therefore, if we are saved, we are children of God, and have the awesome privilege of telling others about how great our Father is, regardless of our own situations.

In fact, Paul tells us here in these verses, that we will accomplish far more than we could ever think or ask for. Why? Because it is the power of the living Trinity, working in and through us. We should not act as if we have some special powers, so that we can be glorified when His power works through us. On the contrary, God is to be glorified, Jesus is to be glorified, and the Holy Spirit is to be glorified. God is more than able to work through us despite our faults and failings. He does bless us with supernatural gifts but it is for His glory and not ours.

We must align ourselves to the will of God in our lives, overcoming our self doubt and trusting that God can use us despite of our weaknesses. Let us open our hearts and lives to His mighty power, asking God daily how we can be used to glorify Him on this earth. When He does use us, let our hearts cry out in praise to Him and may all glory go back to the One who made us. We are sons and daughters of God, that is our position in Him.