Love is Contagious

8th-9th August

Weekend Edition

We love each other because He loved us first. …. Those who love God must also love their fellow believers.”

1 John 4:19,21b

Love summarised is this: God loved us, we sinned. He gave Himself up for us because He loved us, we still sinned. He paid our price, when we were sinners. We accept God’s love, and now God looks at what Jesus did for us, rather than what we did wrong. Our position in Him is no longer a ‘sinner’ but a child of God, who is seated with Christ in Heavenly places. Our identity is not that of a ‘sinner’ but that of someone declared free and innocent of all wrong doing. Our debt has been paid, we are free to live without chains. In all of the above, what is there that we did to earn His love…. Actually nothing. Our only role is to accept it.

When we accept God’s love our attitudes change, our desires to want to please Him rather than ourselves change. Moreover, our love for others change. Why? Because we are so content in the love of God, because we know who we are and have accepted His love for us, it changes the way we view others. No longer do we see people we human eyes, but we see people through the eyes of Christ. If God so loved you and gave Himself for you, then God also loves the people you meet daily on the street, at home, at work, at school and even in the roughest parts of your community.

We loved God because He first loved us. We loved others because we are loved. We love ourselves because God does. The root is always God’s love. Our prayer: That we may know more of God’s love. That we would understand it more. Then we would experience it more. That we would live in His love. When we do, our who lives will radically change.

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