The Authority Of Christ

12th August

“”Yes,” He told them, “I saw satan fall from Heaven like lightning! Look, I have given you authority over all the power of the enemy, and you can walk among snakes and scorpions and crush them. Nothing will injure you!”

Luke 10:18-19

Yesterday we learnt that Jesus encouraged His disciples to rejoice, not in the authority of using His Name but in the fact that their names were written in the book of life. That is not to say that we should not rejoice in the victories gained in Christ, but rather rejoice in our salvation, the greatest victory.

However, it is important not to overlook the authority we have in Christ. That authority comes from Jesus and not of ourselves. In fact, Jesus was not just preaching an ideology, He was preaching a way of life. He saw first hand, the Father casting out satan because of his pride and arrogance. He was there. Our victory is not in some dead statue or carnal god, it is in the Living God who was and is and is to come. Because of the authority Jesus has, we can access that power and authority as part of our inheritance and because we are His children.

Yet His power and authority is not a game to be played with, but a tool to equip the believer with weapons to stand firm against the enemies schemes and tactics and to tear down his strongholds in spiritual realms. We are not supposed to go looking for trouble but when trouble comes, because of the authority we have in Christ, we can stand firm, call on His Mighty Name and see God’s power move.

If only we learned to live in His power more. We can access the very same power that rose Jesus from the dead, because that power lives in us too. Let us trust in His Mighty Name, call upon Him in times of trouble and know that the power of God is able to overcome all things.

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