The Lord Of Lords and King Of All Kings

15th – 16th August

Weekend Edition

Together they will go to war against the Lamb, but the Lamb will defeat them because He is the Lord of all Lords and King of all Kings. And His called and chosen and faithful ones will be with Him.”

Revelation 17:14

There is no denying that the book of Revelation is not bed time reading. It has been said that it contains stories which are hard to understand and hard to relate to. In fact so many books have been written on it, trying to understand the intricate wordings of John’s revelation on the island of Patmos during his exile. Yet the key to understanding this book is to highlight the mega themes, of which one supersedes them all; Jesus WINS and the enemy is defeated. In fact so great is this mega theme, that it is repeated not just through the book of Revelation but throughout the whole Bible. Countless times we read of satans defeat and Christ’s victory.

Chapter 17 follows this mega theme as John describes his revelation. He explains that he saw a great prostitute, drunk with the blood of martyrs, adorned with jewellery from precious gems and full of blasphemous writings and obscenities all over her. Her power came from those who had committed adultery with her and those who had been made drunk by the wine of her immorality (all those belonging to the enemy). Yet foolishly, the beast and the prostitute try to wage war against God.

There is always only one outcome when in war with God; Jesus WINS. Period. There is never a time where God looses and there never will be. Why? As it says in today’s verse because He is the Lord of all Lords and King of all Kings”. He will always overcome because He is God. He is Power.

Notice that it says that, we, His called, chosen and faithful ones will be with Him. We are His children and we have that same powerful God living inside us. Friends let us remember, that with God, we always can live in victory. Jesus is the Name above all Names, the Kings of all Kings and the God above all gods. We can live in victory over sickness, death, sin, loneliness, and sorrow. He is victory. He is our God.

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