A Family Victory

28th August

As all the men of Judah stood before the Lord with their little ones, wives and children…”

2 Chronicles 20:13

There is no doubting that sometimes outcomes of certain situations can not only affect one person in the family but the whole family. However, sometimes, in Christian homes, the decisions can often feel like they are being made by a “one man band”. Yet it would be so wonderful to start seeing families involved in decision making together in the presence of the Lord. After all, as the saying goes, ‘a family that prays together – stays together‘.

As we continue with the story in Chronicles of Jehoshaphat’s submission to God in complete helplessness and surrender and His incredible answer, we find a verse that can so easily be overlooked; today’s verse, a great jewel of faith.

It is such a wonderful thing to read, that in the midst of fear, as an army is about to attack the people of Judah, that not only do the men fall to the floor in prayer to God, but together, they bring their families to complete surrender in front of God. They knew the outcome of this situation would affect the whole family. They knew that they needed to stand to together in unity as a family. It is such a great example of faith that the men brought their families before God too. Imagine the example that would have set to the children; the faith it would have built in them. That when tough times comes, just as their families did, to submit to God in surrender and lean on His unfailing grace.

It sets us a precedent for our lives; a perfect example of Godly and God-fearing living. Lets us learn from the people of Judah, that when tough times come, not to battle on our own, but get the family together and pray through the storm, relying on God’s grace and standing firm in unity. Not only will it build your faith as a family, but will set an example for generations to come. Watch and see the Lord fight your battles for you!

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