God Was and Is and Is To Come

15th September

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth!

Genesis 1:1

There is no greater truth than knowing who created you and I and the world we are in. Genesis 1:1 boldly and plainly tells us that it was God, Elohim; the Hebrew name for the God-Head, symbolising the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Yet God did not labour day and night to create the world we live in, but simply spoke it into being by the very words of His mouth; light, darkness, the sun and moon, waters and mountains, creatures that fly and those that swim. Yet His greatest creation was mankind, whom He made in His own image. He breathed His own breath into us and gave us all a plan and a purpose.

This morning, take a reality check. Not only were you hand-made by the God who created the entire universe we live in, but you have the very breath of God inside you. You have been anointed to walk in God’s eternal plan for your life, written even before you were in your mother’s womb. You are completely loved by the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, as they work in perfect union as One, through you and in you. God thought about YOU… Even before time began, He had a plan to make you. Even when He knew that sometimes you would disobey Him, He still wanted to create you so He could shower His love over you. You are loved and created by the God of the universe. You were planned and you are part of God’s plan to show His love to the rest of the world.

The Joy Of A Forgiven Heart

14th September

Oh, what joy for those whose disobedience is forgiven, whose sin is put out of sight! Yes, what joy for those whose record the Lord has cleared of guilt, whose lives are lived in complete honesty!

Psalm 32:1-2

Every human has a desire and longing to be loved. Many try to satisfy that longing with drugs, drinking, womanising, and the like. Yet there is no greater joy than knowing you have been forgiven and accepted by your Creator; knowing that you have a purpose, a destiny and that God has a plan for your personally.

In 1678, John Bunyan released one of the most famous pieces of English Christian literature, the Pilgrim Progress. In his book, we follow the story of a man name Christian, who makes his perilous journey to Celestial city (Heaven). However, he carries on his back a huge bag like burden, which represent his sins. These burdens are finally relieved when he reaches the ‘place of deliverance’, a representation of Calvary’s cross. Although this story may be mostly allegorical, the truth remains that we are all on a journey. In life’s journey we may face dangers and temptations, yet the most liberating and life giving stage of our journey is when Jesus Christ sets us free from our sins. It truly is like a burden being lifted from our backs.

In today’s psalm, David also speaks of this joy, freedom and liberty that await a forgiven soul. Sin can so easily hold us down and feel like a huge weight on our lives. Yet when we are set free by the power of Jesus’ love, those chains are broken and we can walk upright in the power of His might and in the purpose and plan He has ordained for our life.

What joy awaits a forgiven soul, and those whose record the Lord has cleared of guilt!!