Rejoice…Again, Rejoice

14th – 15th November

Weekend Edition

Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again – rejoice!”

Philippians 4:4

In the past weeks we have looked at the many verses and reasons why we can worship God despite our circumstances. Yet in the same breath we could also say that there are many reasons why we can moan, be grumpy, complain and not be happy. After all we do live in a fallen world, right? Yet, the reality is this… God is still sovereign, even in the darkest times of our lives. Yes we may have many reasons to moan and grumble, and it is okay to express your hurts and frustrations to God. However, it is imperative that an attitude of praise and thanksgiving quickly replaces an attitude of complaining and moaning.

If we allow our hearts to be set on our negative emotions, then they will quickly dictate our behaviour and our attitudes towards others. That is not to say that we should suppress our problems, but rather it is saying that we are making a conscious decision not to allow a spirit of complaining and moaning to dictate our lifestyles. Rejoicing is always a decision we have to make instead of agreeing with negativity. Yes it is hard, and yes it goes against what we feel is our right when we have been hurt or aggrieved. However, if we see all that God has and will continue to do, then we can, in the power of His Holy Spirit, replace our anger with rejoicing. Moreover, we can look beyond our circumstance and rejoice IN THE LORD.

Let us remember Paul wrote this letter from prison in Rome. If he could find a reason to rejoice, then we can too! Let us give us hurts and frustrations to God and ask Him to help us replace them with a spirit and attitude of joy!

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