God’s Smile

25th November

May God be merciful and bless us. May His face smile with favour on us.

Psalm 67:1

When you think of what God’s face looks like, do you picture a stern and serious looking face or a face that is smiling? Interesting question and one there is not a definite answer to. However today’s verse gives an indication that maybe God is not the serious and stern face we might imagine.

Although many other versions of this verse say ‘may God’s face shine upon us..’, the principle is the same. God loves us. So much so that He sent His only Son to be our ransom. In fact when we don’t deserve favour He freely blesses us and is merciful to us. Moreover, it is His joy to be merciful to us. The Psalmist acknowledges that God is a merciful God, a kind God and a God that wants to bless His children. In asking that God’s face smiles on us with favour, is implying that God is a God that delights in His children and a God that wants to shower His joy over us.

If God is smiling over us, then we should smile too right? If the creator of the universe is smiling with favour on you then surely there is a reason to smile? Smiling both indicates joy and contentment. A smile can defuse a bad situation, can bring cheer to someones day and bring favour to someones life. A smile can say so many words. It can show love, appreciation and acceptance. Lets forward a smile and see how God can move.

This is a short video from a man I know who is forwarding God’s love with a smile. Please join him in prayer and bless his ministry. We too can forward a smile

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