Following Jesus

16 -17th January

Weekend Edition

When Jesus arrived at Peter’s house, Peter’s mother-in-law was sick in bed with a high fever. But when Jesus touched her hand the fever left her. The she got up and prepared a meal for Him.

Matthew 8:14-15

Jesus is our healer. He healed so many people throughout His life on this earth and continues to heal people today. He is as alive now, as He was when He walked on this earth over 2,000 years ago. His healing in our lives is not just limited to physical healing, but emotional healing, spiritual healing and mental healing. He truly is our healer. Yet what is our response when we have received a touch from Jesus?

As Jesus entered Peter’s house, it came to His attention that Peter’s mother-in-law had a fever. In Jesus’ time, there was probably no Lemsip or anti-flu jabs that you could take. So when a fever came, it was a serious affair. Yet for Jesus nothing was impossible. He reached out, took her hand and the fever left immediately. Jesus’ miracle was incredible, yet the reaction of Peter’s mother-in-law is what stands out most in this passage. As soon as the fever left her, she got out of bad and started to prepare a meal for Jesus.

This is so significant in our lives. For many, we have received a healing touch from Jesus Christ. He may of healed us physically, spiritually, emotionally or mentally. But rather than get up and serve Him, we have stagnated and gone ‘back to bed’. Today, the call is here. Dust yourself off. Live in the healing of Jesus’ miraculous work in your life and start serving the One who made you whole. Serving is not out of duty but out of a heart of thankfulness and gratitude. So it was the same with Peter’s mother-in-law.

We must believe that Jesus has the power over of sickness, whatever that may be, but also that He has the power to completely restore and transform our lives. May we dust ourselves off, get up out of ‘bed’ and serve the Lord with gladness and joy, celebrating His healing in our lives and hearts.

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