The Fool Says There Is No God

12th February

Only fools say in their hearts, “There is no God.”.

Psalm 14:1a

The Psalms are known for their beautiful poetic writings expressing how wonderful and faithful God is, written mostly by a man who knew first hand how great the God he served was. Yet there are plenty of Psalms that are ‘hard to read’ for their strong and explicit vocabulary and content. Today’s short verse is just one of them.

Imagine you have just discovered the greatest treasure in the world. You are so excited, that you want to share it with everyone you meet right? And you would probably think that those who reject that truth or who simply don’t believe are crazy? Much is the same with David’s statement in today’s verse. He knew that people needed a Saviour. Yet instead of looking to the Lord, the One true God, people put their trust in bows and arrows, in gods unknown and in human power and might. Yet all those things will fail, and David knew that. He knew that hope was only found in God Almighty, who created the Heavens and the earth and all that is in it. David’s treasure was in knowing that God was real and with him always. To others it was foolishness.

Much is the same today. We have great news. God is real. Look around you and see the wonders of creation. Look closer at your own body, how intricately God has made you. How much detail and care He has taken to design the physical body. God is the creator of the world and the sustainer of it. He holds the planets in His hands and controls the universe with the power of His words. Moreover, that same God sent His Son, Jesus Christ to earth in the form of a human, to suffer at the hands of His own creation, to restore us to our true identity and restore a right relationship between God and man. That is our treasure. Yet for those who don’t believe, as Paul writes in 1 Corinthians 1:18a ‘the message of the cross is foolish.’

We have such wonderful good news. The creator of the world loves you. He laid down His life and rose again for you. He can set you free from sins, burdens, pains and sorrows. All you need to do is accept it. That is Great news. Don’t be a fool and reject it.

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