18th March

When Jesus had tasted it, He said, “It is finished!” Then He bowed His head and released His spirit.”

John 19:30

Out of all the gospels, John’s account of Jesus’ last moments are the most descriptive. Interestingly the other accounts just mention that Jesus let out a loud cry and then bowed His head and died, yet it is John’s account that gives us these wonderful last words from our Lord Jesus Christ.


Would you allow those words to soak into your spirit this day. Jesus’ declaration, His final words to us and to those of His time, hold so much weight and give us so much hope. When we look at our sin compared to God’s holiness, rather than be despondent and downcast, unworthy and bound, we can stand in awe at the grace of God and declare that Jesus’ last words were a promise that we no longer have to hold on to our sins but can release and be released from them at the foot of the cross.

‘It is finished’ literally means what it says. It’s over. It’s done. It’s been completed. Jesus’ mission to save humanity from their sins and to show His love for us has been completed. Jesus did what He set out to do and now we can stand and live in the freedom that His sacrifice brings. Stare your problems straight in the face and declare that Jesus said it is finished. Addictions, financial worries, marriage problems, and so on… All can be surrendered to the One who surrendered Himself for us.

IT IS FINISHED declares the Lord. IT IS OVER….

Jesus won so we no longer have to live in defeat!

2 thoughts on “IT IS FINISHED

  1. Addictions, financial problems,marriage problems, all those are the things we could get through for Jesus last words. I sometimes turn to face these problems in the past and am torn apart, though, it is finished is that it gets over. I’ve saved by Jesus last three words.

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