Why Did Jesus Have To Leave?

7th April

But now I am going to the One who sent Me….Instead you grieve because of what I’ve told you. But in fact, it is best for you that I go away, because if I don’t, the Advocate (Holy Spirit) won’t come. If I do go away, then I will send Him to you.”

John 16:5-7

(Holy Spirit added)

A question that is often asked is ‘why did Jesus have to leave?’ To answer this question we simply need to look at Jesus’ own words, found here in John 16. If Jesus stayed in His physical body on Earth after His resurrection, then the Holy Spirit would not have been given to the believers. One of the Holy Spirit’s roles according to Jesus’ words in John, was to “convict the world of it’s sin, and of God’s righteousness, and of the coming judgement”. It sounds intense, yet it is because we have been convicted of our sins that we can have an opportunity to be made right before God, through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, bringing us into a relationship with the Father. If the Holy Spirit was not sent, then we would never know the Father because we would remain dead in our sins.

On top of that, Jesus had to return to the Father to complete the purpose of His coming. For He is now “sitting in the place of honour at God’s right hand, pleading for us” (interceding for us) Romans 8:34. That is why Jesus came. He came to be the substitution for our sins and our great High Priest who continually pleads our innocence in front of the Father, using His own life as a sacrifice for our debt.

Yet there is more good news. Jesus in His bodily form ascended to Heaven, yet His presence still remains with us. In fact He lives in us. Jesus Himself said that when ‘two or three gather in My Name, I will be there in the midst of you’. The Apostle Paul in the book of Galatians also says that, “..it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me.”

Let us rejoice that Jesus ascended, sent the Holy Spirit and lives as our High Priest at the right hand of the Father. Let us also rejoice that Christ lives in us and we are carriers of His light and love to all. Finally, let us look forward to Jesus’ coming once again!

2 thoughts on “Why Did Jesus Have To Leave?

  1. When I try to understand what the Holy Spirit is, I always treat Jesus and the Holy Spirit as two sides of the same coin.I know I miss the whole point, but I really confused when it comes to the Holy Spirit.

    • Yes, i can understand that it is difficult to understand. Simply try to remember that the Holy Spirit, Jesus and the Father are all One. Yet they all have different roles.
      The are 3 individual persons but they are all One at the same time. I will try to explain again when i see you next.

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