On Earth As It Is Heaven

6th May

May Your Kingdom come. May Your will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.”

Matthew 6:10

When Jesus taught His disciples the Lord’s prayer, He included a very important statement: May Your Kingdom come and Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! Jesus’ model words showed us that we shouldn’t just focus our prayers on ourselves but pray the Kingdom of God comes to this earth. What does that look like in our prayers? Praying in the Kingdom of God means that we pray for the lost. We pray for our friends who don’t yet believe in Jesus. We ask that Jesus may reveal Himself to them. We ask that God’s Kingdom may come into their hearts as it is in ours. Moreover, we pray for God’s justice and love to reach all people. We pray that there will be peace in our lands and across the world. We pray that our governments will be led by the Holy Spirit and not by their own selfish ambitions. We pray that people will be kind to each other and that all war and hatred will stop. We pray that Jesus’ love will be revealed to all who are seeking for Him.

Praying for God’s Kingdom to come here on earth, helps us to realise that we don’t just have to wait to get heaven to experience God, we too can access the fullness of God, here on this earth. We pray let Your Kingdom come and Your will be done here on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN! That means His Kingdom can come here in this earth. That means we can access a part of heaven here in our daily lives. God’s Kingdom is not a far away concept but here on this earth, in our hearts, in our homes, and in our churches. Wherever a believer is, there is also the Kingdom of God. May our prayers usher in the presence of God, His will on this earth and may we pray for heaven to invade earth. May God shower us with all His Heavenly blessings and bring peace to all mankind.

Our Father In Heaven

5th May

Pray like this: Our Father in Heaven, may Your Name be kept holy..”

Matthew 6:9

Jesus’ model prayer, ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ as it is more commonly known, sets us an important structure for how we should pray. Jesus didn’t intend that we all just become puppets and follow His words exactly every time we pray (although it is good to regularly pray this prayer), but rather it was a model prayer for us to help us know how and what kind of things we should be praying for.

Jesus starts off His prayer, with the following words, “Our Father in Heaven, may Your Name be kept holy..”. Why did Jesus start with these words? Because every prayer we pray should always be centered on who God is. It should start with God, include God’s will and finish with God. ‘Our Father in Heaven’ gives us a clear indication that when we pray, although we are petitioning the Father for our requests, more importantly, we are acknowledging the authority of who we are praying to.

Our Father and our God, of course is the giver of all good things. He wants to shower His blessings upon us His children. Yet we should also remember that He is a Holy God and deserves the respect a Holy God should be given. ‘May Your Name be kept holy’ is a call for us to keep His Name holy by living lifestyles in accordance with His holy standards and always leaning on Jesus’ forgiveness and grace when we stumble. It is also a call for us to intercede for the nations, so that God’s Name may be kept holy throughout the world. Finally it is a commission for us to keep God’s Name holy, not just in the comfort of our own homes but in our workplaces, school and even in our churches.

May we remember that the God we serve is our loving Heavenly Father, the Creator of the world and our Shelter. He is holy and deserves to be treated as a Holy God. Yet His holiness doesn’t mean He is inapproachable. His loving arms are always wide open, beckoning us into His Holy presence, because of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.