Beyond Time

10th June

In the beginning God……”

Genesis 1:1a

Have you ever thought what was before time? What was there before the earth? These questions are completely valid, and make up many thesis and doctorate subjects. Hundreds and thousands of words have been written on these subjects, thousands of debates, and numerous movies have been made to try to answer these questions, and yet the simple answer of what was before all things is written clearly in Genesis 1:1. You may say that is a cop-out answer, yet the reality is, is that the word of God is where all truth comes from. It is our starting point and God’s word will never change, grow old or become dormant. It is alive and is truth.

As humans, we only use a limited part of our brains full capacity. Some scientists say around 15%. Of that 15%, we try to fit the vastness of infinity and time. We put God in the box of our understanding and fit him into our pre-conceptions of time and space. Yet God is so much bigger than our brains comprehension of Him. Does that mean we shouldn’t try to understand? Not at all. What it does mean is that we should firstly, use God’s word as our source for knowing God, and secondly, we should not limit God to our human understanding of Him.

If our idea of God is just limited to the box we put Him in, when we pray for needs, worries and for His will, it will always be within the context of our idea of Him. Yet when we think bigger, we dream bigger. As our concept of how big God is expands, so our expectations of what He can do increases. When we take God out of the box we put Him in, He becomes greater. Let God be in the place He ought to be!

God’s Mercies Are New Every Morning:

9th June

Let me hear of your unfailing love each morning, for I am trusting in you. Show me where to walk, for I give myself to you.”

Psalm 143:8

It’s amazing, that just as the dawn brings a new day, so the mercy of the Lord is new every morning. Yesterday sorrows are gone and today is a new day. The past is behind and we look to the future.

It’s so great to remind ourselves in the morning of God’s greatness and unfailing love. It gives us such a boost to know we are supported by a God whose love is unfailing. Furthermore it’s so great to know that we can start our day off with the trust and security that we are in the hands of Almighty God. Even when we feel like we are boxed in by life’s problems, or surrounded and knocked down by enemies, as was David in this Psalm, we can take full courage and assurance that God is fighting for us and if our trust is in Him, He will show us where to walk.

It’s so important to remind ourselves of the unfailing love of God, early in the morning. It’s more important than breakfast or our morning cup of coffee. It is what truly sets us up for the day. It gives life to our bodies knowing that we are loved by the creator of the universe. It encourages our souls to know that we are forgiven by the love of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. It gives us energy to know that God’s mercies are new every morning because He is a faithful God.

Before you start your day each morning take some time to think on God’s love. Let the knowledge of His love be your spiritual breakfast that feeds your soul and guides your steps.