In The Midst Of Turmoil

9th & 10th July

Weekend Edition

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who take refuge in Him.”

Psalm 34:8

Turn the news on and you will be bombarded with a wave of negativity, depressing facts, hate, killings and economic insecurity. It is a bleak sight. As Christians, we too are obviously effected by the circumstances of the world. However there is a big difference in our approach to them. We can still maintain our joy, even when joy seems a long forgotten emotion. That is not to say we are not sad, concerned or even disturbed by the news and facts but it is to say that no matter what is happening around us, if we take refuge in Him (in God), we will not be shaken. Furthermore, refuge in Him, gives us the motivation to fight injustice, stand up for people’s rights and practice true religion.

Be encouraged, God is for us and will fill us with His joy. Good things are coming.

One thought on “In The Midst Of Turmoil

  1. I’m encouraged your last sentence’Good things are coming’. Whatever happens around us, Jesus will always prepare for refuge and protect us.

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