Mountains Melt Like Wax

14th July

The mountains melt like wax before the LORD, before the Lord of all the earth.

Psalm 97:5

What are mountains before God? If you try to imagine that God is out of our idea of time and out of our scale of thinking, mountains are like nothing to Him. Yet to us, His created children, they are huge. It is almost like our view from the top of a very tall mountain. Everything below seems so small. Yet it is only from the top of the mountain that we get that perspective. When we are at the bottom, the scale of sizes switch perspective. For from the bottom of the mountain, everything looks so big.

Sometimes we really need to re-align our image and perspective of how big God is, to the truth and not the lies that society and problems decrease Him to. If God is that big, imagine how small (yet not insignificant) our needs and problems are. Furthermore, considering the sheer greatness of God and the minuteness of us, isn’t it amazing that He calls us by name and knows the very hairs on our head. Isn’t incredible that He hears our cries and captures our tears in a bottle. Isn’t unfathomable that He would send His only Son for our sakes. That is the God we serve. No matter how big your worries or problems are, know that God is always bigger.

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