The Way To Eternal Life

19th July

And this is the way to have eternal life – to know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one You sent to earth

John 17:3

Jesus, in Matthew 6, taught us how to pray by giving us ‘the Lord’s prayer’. In His model prayer, we are given guidelines to help us structure our prayers and to give us a basis on what we should be praying for. Here, in John 17, Jesus prays another prayer, which we can also use to help us pray. Furthermore, Jesus’ prayer in John 17, gives us a deeper understanding of Jesus’ heart for the nations, His disciples, His role, and His relationship with the Father. There are many key gems contained in His prayer and today’s verse is one of them.

A question that is often asked is, ‘how do I get eternal life?’ or ‘how can I be saved?’ Jesus in His prayer, gives the answer by outlining a very simple truth. The way to eternal life is ‘to know God and Jesus Christ’. So the next question is ‘how do we know God?’. Well, that answer is found in verse 6, “I have revealed You to the ones you gave me from this world”. How do we know God? Through Jesus. Jesus was both 100% fully God and 100% fully man. All the ideas of who God is, what His character was like, who His heart was for, was found in Jesus. How Jesus acted was like God acts! How He talked was like God talks! What He did was what God does! They are the same. Jesus was God on earth. Jesus revealed God’s nature, character and heart because He was God!

How can we get eternal life? By knowing God! How can we know God? By knowing Jesus!

One thought on “The Way To Eternal Life

  1. How was I saved ? By knowing Jesus? Nothing can help me get out of my deep depression. I am unbearably in pain.

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