He Lives In YOU

24th August

Then Christ will make His home in your hearts as you trust in Him. Your roots will grow down into God’s love and keep you strong.”

Ephesians 3:17

The 1994 Disney Film ‘The Lion King’, is famous for its many emotional and powerful ballads. Yet there are only a certain few that made it onto the musical theatre production, one of which is the song ‘He Lives In You’1. The song states that Mufasa (Simba’s father), will always live on in Simba to support and guide him leading the pride. Although this song probably has roots in Animism (as in the gods and ancestors live in everything) there is also a Christian truth to it too. God lives in us, He watches over us and guides our lives.

In fact, it is Christ living in us, according to Paul’s letters to the Colossians, that is the hope of glory. Christ living in us shows the world that salvation is for all. It gives us, who believe, the assurance to boldly share the Good News with others. It is through faith that we believe and accept the message of salvation and it is through our roots in God’s love that we keep strong. Christ, the creator and ruler of the world, live in US. Christ living in us, gives us the comfort to know that He is for us and not against us, that He is willing us on, and that He is always watching and guiding over us. He will never die. He is eternal. And He live in Us.

1He lives in you
He lives in me

He watches over
Everything we see
Into the water
Into the truth
In your reflection
He lives in you
Music and Lyrics by Mark Mancina, Jay Rifkin, and Lebo M, 1994; Lion King

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