Thank YOU

26th August

All my heart will give thanks to You, Eternal One. I will tell others about Your amazing works”

Psalm 9:1

(The Voice)

More than powerful intercessions for others, more than daily supplications for our needs, thankfulness is what really has the power to transform your prayer life. Throughout the Bible there are countless times through many of the prophets and believers lives where they are going through or about to face hardships and their prayer is this…’Even if…. I praise you and thank you’. It is something so simple yet so often overlooked in our prayer lives. We can list all of our needs, and prayer until we can’t pray anymore, yet forget to thank God for the simple things in our lives; For family and friendships, for our own salvation, for Jesus’ gracious work on the cross, for food on our table, for clothing on our back, for a roof over our head and many more things.

Thankfulness should be the key to our prayer lives. Moreover, we can in faith, thank God already for the requests we do have. Thankfulness can be prophetic too. We can boldly declare, through faith, that what we are praying for will come to pass by thanking God for the answered prayer already.

This morning challenge yourself to spend the first few moments of your day thanking God for your life. You will be surprised how many things God brings to your mind to be thankful for and how many things we can look forward to being thankful for. Thankfulness; an attitude of gratitude for our past, present and future.

One thought on “Thank YOU

  1. God resolves the matter favorably for me,but it is so easy to forget to thank God.I must take conscious effort for thanking God at first.

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