Something Out Of Nothing:

The ImPossible Miracle

8th-9th October

Weekend Edition

Ever since the world began, no one has been able to open the eyes of someone born blind. If this Man were not from God, He couldn’t have done it.”

John 9:32-33

Only our God can defy the laws of physics and make something from nothing. Think about the story of creation. There was nothing but an empty void and God created this world. There were no animals and God created them. No plants or trees yet God created them. He is our creator. In today’s story we read of a man Jesus healed that was blind from birth. Some commentators go as far to say that this man was actually born without eye balls (although not specifically stated in the text). Yet whatever the situation was, this man could not see, he was blind from birth. Yet as we have mentioned before, nothing is too big for God. Nothing is impossible for God. Sure enough Jesus healed the man born blind and restored his sight. What is interesting is that in Jesus, we see the fullness of God and the very characteristics of a Creator God. Jesus didn’t just heal the man, He gave new eyes. He gave him the ability to see.

Today God also continues to create new things. We were once spiritually blind but have had our sight healed by the power of God’s salvation giving grace. We too have had new eyes created to see things with God’s perspective and how God see things. Let us rejoice that we serve a God who doesn’t just heal broken things but creates new things too….! We are living witness’ as new creations.

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