Practical Faith Through Prayer

22nd & 23rd October

Weekend Edition

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done.”

Philippians 4:6

How do we practically trust God with our worries? Answer: Through giving our worries to God. It sounds so simple and so disengaging from our problems. However, when we put our trust and faith in God through prayer, it is the most responsible thing you can do. It is like when you put money in the bank. You do it because you know it is safe, well looked after and secure (usually). You don’t worry everyday if your money is safe because you know it is in good hands. It is so simple yet give us peace of mind. Trusting God through prayer is built on the same principle. We can 100% trust God to personally engage with our problems, to help us and deal with our worries. There is no fear for those who put their trust in God.

Paul encourages us not to worry, but INSTEAD, pray. Our natural thought process is to see a problem and start worrying. Yet Paul tells us that instead or worrying, starting praying. It is the opposite of what we think is the normal thing to do. Yet just as Jesus said, echoed by Paul in a different way, what is the point of worrying? You won’t fix anything. Instead give it to Jesus, through prayer. Moreover, thank Him for all He has done, and all He will continue to do. Prayer changes thing.

Jesus’ help for our situations is not dependant on base rates, interest rates and brexit talks. His love is consistent, 100% for our good and always for the benefiting of His Kingdom. His help is free, unconditional and constant. It never runs out and is always readily available for those who put their trust in Him. INSTEAD of worrying, tell God plainly what you need, what you are worried about and trust Him for the answers.

Lord, ‘give us this day our daily needs’ and teach us to not ‘worry about anything’ but ‘instead, pray about everything’.

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