All That I Need

31st October/1st November

The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Saviour. My God is my Rock in whom I find protection, He is my Shield, the Power that saves me and my Place of safety.”

Psalms 18:2

We can be sure 100%, that in the times of plenty and in the times of hardship, God is consistently for us and never against us. However, our ‘need’ or at least our understanding of Him tends to look differently depending on our circumstances. In times of joy and plenty, we tend to look at God more as our friend or loving Heavenly Father. Yet in times of hardship and stress, we tend to look at God more as an awesome power who can supernaturally help us through our tough times. Yet what is interesting, is that God’s character never changes, it is our perception of God that looks different.

David too wrote this Psalm after God had delivered him from his enemies. Yet David’s perception of God never really changed. He knew that God was almighty, powerful and was his protection. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a more consistent view of God, that was not dependant on our circumstances but based on who God really is. He is truly our Rock, Fortress, Saviour and God. He is our Protection, Shield and the Power that saves us. He is our Place of Safety. And so much more. He is all these things all the time. His character never changes, and is certainly not changed by our circumstances. Our challenge is, in the good times and bad, to uplift, uphold and glorify the Name of Jesus in all we do and say. May God be our everything all the time. May He be all we need all the time. He is for us all the time.

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