God Humbled In The Form Of A Servant

22nd December

Instead, He gave up His divine privileges; He took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being..

Philippians 2:7

Jesus’ humility, in coming to this earth, demonstrated just how much He loved us. The original meaning of the above text is that Jesus literally emptied Himself out for our sakes; His position, His throne and His rights. Of course He was still fully God as a human, but instead of ruling in the Heavens, He had to answer to earthly authority, suffer the things a human had to suffer, be beaten, be disgraced and be betrayed by the very people He created. Jesus was and is the King of the world, but humbled Himself for our sakes, on our behalf and emptied Himself so He could live a spotless sinless life.

This Christmas, as we reflect on the birth and life of Jesus Christ, may we too adopt the same attitude as Jesus showed us in His life. May we too humble ourselves, even when we are wronged. May be empty ourselves and live for others. May we put others needs before our own. May we give up ‘our privileges’ for the sake of others.