The Holy Doctor

29th -29th January

Weekend Edition

Then Jesus told Him, “I have entered this world to render judgement – to give sight to the blind and to show those who think they see that they are blind.”

John 9:39

When Jesus says words like, ‘I have entered this world to… ‘ or ‘ I have come to…’ it really is worth taking note of what precedes those words. In today’s passage, Jesus just healed a man that was born blind. Rather than rejoicing in this wonderful miracle, the Pharisees got caught up with ‘religion’ trying to prove Jesus was not who He said He was, because He broke the Mosaic law, of ‘working’ on a Sabbath. The man who was healed was convinced that Jesus was more than just a man. The crowds were convinced. And we as modern readers are convinced. Yet sadly, the ones who were supposed to be the religious ‘leaders’ seemed to have blinded eyes.

Jesus’ coming to this earth was so much more than just physical healing. Of course, Jesus is our healer, and yes He did and does heal our physical needs, but Jesus was and is more interested in our heart condition. He said He came to give sight to those who are blind; those who know they are sick and lost. The helpless. The needy. If you think you are well and healthy, then of course you won’t think you need a doctor. It’s only those who are sick that are in need of a doctor. This is what Jesus was alluding too. He came to give sight to those who wanted to know Him. To those who knew they needed Him.

Which bracket do you fall into? Are you earnestly seeking for more of God or are you blinded by your contentment to live how you want? Don’t get caught up in your own life, and miss out on the life-giver.

Hope For All

27th January

As Jesus was walking along, He saw a man who had been born blind from birth. “Rabbi,” His disciples asked Him, “why was this man born blind? Was it because of His own sins or His parents’ sins?”

John 9:1-2

Sadly, if a person was sick from birth, in an Israelite context, that could only have meant one thing; Either the person’s future sin or that person’s parent’s sin. Of course this ‘theory’ was quickly quashed by Jesus, but in reality, society rejected those with disabilities, infirmities, or illnesses. They were classed as unclean, as ‘not fit to be with society’ kind of people. Yet that is not what Jesus saw. He saw through the cultural necessities, the religious laws and the judgemental attitude of the people. Instead Jesus saw a soul that needed Him. He saw a man, burdened by his situation, an outcast of society, rejected by his piers and utterly helpless. Jesus reached down, healed the man and gave him a new life.

Friends, Jesus has not stopped doing this. He lives, and continues to reach those in desperate need of Him. He doesn’t look at the situation you are in, judging you as to whether you deserve Him or not. He is impartial. He reaches down and lifts us out of the dire straits we may find ourselves in. Not just with physical sickness, but spiritually, and mentally too. Once you have met the risen Jesus, you will never be the same again.