No Worries

11th & 12th February

Weekend Edition

““Don’t let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in Me.””

John 14:1

Why worry when we know Jesus is in control? Probably because there is a natural switch in our hearts that tells us, when something is starting to get out of our control, we must fight to take back the reins, as if we can magically harness the troublesome situation in our own strength and power. We tend to take God’s place as the driver, author and pilot of our life because we think we can handle things by ourselves.

Yet we can’t. Our problems, compared to our understanding of them, outweigh us, oversize us and overshadow us and cause us to worry and be troubled. Yet when compared to the glory, might and magnitude of God, they pale into insignificance. That is why Jesus tells us to trust in Him, to trust in God. Not just with our problems, the things we can see and know now, but also with the uncertain future that we do not yet know about. We can even trust God with our own salvation knowing, as Jesus said, that He has prepared a room for us in Heaven.

Above all, let’s make sure that our hearts are not troubled with things for the now and future but rather trust in God.