The Ultimate Plan And We Are Included In It

2nd May

God has now revealed to us His mysterious plan regarding Christ, a plan to fulfill His own good pleasure. And this is the plan: At the right time He will bring everything together under the authority of Christ – everything in heaven and on earth.”

Ephesians 1:9-10

God’s plan from the beginning of time was clear yet not fully revealed. Although God revealed part of His plans through the prophets and promises found in the Old Testament, it was only until Jesus walked on this earth, that God’s ‘masterplan’ was fully revealed to His people. Paul, plainly and clearly tells us that God’s plan is to bring the whole of creation, both in heaven and on earth, together in one voice, as one body, under the authority of Christ.

This is not some communistic ideology, to bring all humanity under one head to have ultimate authority and dictatorship over all, but rather God’s plan is to bring peace, love and joy to a broken, hopeless and helpless world. It is to save humanity rather than enslave it. God’s perfect love wants to set the captives free, to break the chains of sin, to release us to live as He made us to be. His rule is liberty not law, freedom not captivity!

We, who have been saved already, live in the fullness of this plan. We can have as much of Jesus as we want; as much as we allow ourselves to be filled by His love. We can walk in His plans and purposes for our lives NOW. We can live in all He has for us NOW. Moreover, we are also called to be instruments and vessels of His masterplan too. We are beacons of His love. We carry the authority of the King. We are individually commissioned to serve in His Kingdom. God has a plan for you individually that is necessary and fits perfectly in His final masterpiece. You are part of God’s plan.

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