Our Winning Strategy

6th – 7th May

Weekend Edition

Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.”

Romans 12:21

Some of the greatest Generals in history owe their success, not to their own brilliance but to the wisdom of their Military tacticians, who are employed in battle to strategise against their enemies weaknesses and make a tactical plan to ensure victory. Many wars, fighting against impossible odds, have been won by the wisdom and guile of a Military tactician.

So often in our own lives, we too try to strategise our victory over sin and evil, by coming up with some kind of ‘master plan’ as if we can outwit our enemy in our own strength. Yet the writer of Romans, tells us that the only way to conquer evil is to do good.

Romans 12:12-21, makes a list of all the ways in which we can live out that ‘good’ in our lives. By not repaying evil with evil. By blessing those who persecute you. By not cursing our enemies but blessing them. These tactics are not things we can do in our strength but come from being in a right standing relationship with the King, Jesus Christ. When He fills our lives, we begin to walk in the victory that has already been won. God has already won the greatest war, when He sent Jesus. All we need to do is live it out in our lives. Our victory over evil has already been masterminded by our Great General, the Lord and King of the armies of Heaven. Go and live in it. Do good!

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