I Long For You

27th – 28th May

Weekend Edition

I long, yes, I faint with longing to enter the courts of the Lord. With my whole being and soul, I will shout joyfully to the living God.”

Psalm 84:2

Isn’t it great when you desire something other than to satisfy yourself? Whether that be to help others, to see others do well or perhaps something different all together. Yet how great it is to desire to be in God’s presence more than anything. The Psalmist says exactly that in today’s key verse. He longed so much for God’s presence. There was nothing else He desired more. To sing and shout joyfully to the living God with his whole being.

Today, we too can be filled with that desire, to serve, seek after and have the presence of Almighty God within our hearts. Where else is there to go other than Him. Whom else do we have but Him. He alone can satisfy. We can enter His presence freely through the grace, love and forgiveness of Almighty God. Pray for more of Him and He will give it. Pray for more of His Spirit, His indwelling in your hearts. Enter His courts with joy. You are His beloved.

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