God Is With Us

2nd June

But Jesus spoke to them at once. “Don’t be afraid,” He said. “Take courage! I am here!””

Mark 6:50b

When Jesus appeared to His disciples walking on water, their first reaction was of utter fear. They were terrified. Wouldn’t you be if you saw someone walking past you, in the middle of a great storm, walking on water?! Yet often it is when we are in a storm that Jesus walks alongside us, in the midst of the battle. Notice that Jesus not only calmed the storm, but climbed into the boat with the disciples to face the storm with them. Yet as soon as He climbed into the boat ‘the wind stopped’! Friends that is the power of our Jesus.

We may loose sight of Him, in the midst of our storms, overwhelmed by the sea raging around us and the waves that feel like they are going to capsize us, but know this; Jesus is walking right alongside us. We are not out of His sight. His watchful eye is always looking out for us and watching over us. Moreover, when we are powerless in our strength, He climbs into the boat with us and gives us the victory over the storm. ‘Take courage…HE is here’! Trust Him. He has power to calm our storms and to lead us safely to the shore!

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