Don’t Be Afraid!

6th July

Don’t be afraid! Speak out! Don’t be silent!”

Acts 18:9b

Fear of man, and fear of the possible consequences that await us, often stop us sharing the Gospel with confidence. We sometimes shy away from challenging immorality, from speaking up at injustices and sharing the message of hope with people who need it, solely because we are afraid of what they might ‘think’ or ‘do’. Yet the words Paul received in a vision from God, whilst in Corinth, stand true for us today: Don’t be afraid.. God is with us.

Yes there are many who do face severe persecution for their boldness to share the message of Jesus, but that doesn’t mean God has left them. Rather it is God in them, that gives them the boldness to speak, in spite of the persecution they may face. Let’s not let fear stop us from standing up and boldly sharing about Jesus. Speak out! Don’t be silent. If we don’t speak, who will?

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