Jesus Is Alive

12th July

When his accusers came here for the trial, I didn’t delay. I called the case the very next day and ordered Paul brought in. But the accusations made against him weren’t of any crimes I expected. Instead, it was something about their religion and a dead man named Jesus, who Paul insists is alive.”

Acts 25:17-19

The leading Pharisees were hellbent on killing Paul. They devised many plans to trap him and kill him, and some even made an oath, refusing to eat until Paul was dead. Paul was a wanted man. Yet he had one thing in his favour. He was a Roman citizen, and because of this, had the right to a fair trial and protection from the Romans soldiers. Yet Paul wasn’t guilty of anything other than faithfully and boldly proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, proving from the scriptures that Jesus was in fact the awaited Messiah and Saviour of the world.

As Paul was brought before Governor Festus, he again presented his case, stating the he was not guilty of inciting riots, or violence towards Jewish people. Instead, he wanted to proclaim that Jesus was no longer dead, but alive, because He was and is God. Paul believed so strongly in his claims, that he was willing to be beaten, persecuted and tried in Roman courts, just to be able to share this Good News.

We too, have been blessed with the revelation that Jesus is no longer dead but He is alive. He was crucified, but on the third day rose again. We do not need to be convinced by the scriptures alone, or by historical documents. We can have a real and personal relationship with the resurrected King. Our lives can be changed as radically as Paul’s was. Moreover, we can have the burning conviction that Paul did, to want to share that Jesus is alive to all, no matter the cost. Jesus is alive. Don’t keep it quiet!

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