God Has A Plan For You

18th October

Make the most every opportunity in these evil days. Don’t act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do.”


God has a plan for everyone’s life. He created you and saved you for a reason. You were not saved just to be a number in God’s Kingdom. You are more than just a number. God equipped you with gifts and tools to be able to live out His plan in your life and to bring Him glory through your life. Yet in order to fully understand who God has made us to be, we need to live by the Spirit’s leading and not our own. We have an opportunity everyday, despite of the world around us, to live fully in what God has for our lives. Whether that be at home, school, work and elsewhere. Everyday let us come before Him, and invite His presence in our lives, to lead and guide us and to understand clearly what He wants from us this day. Start your day in Him, be lead by Him and see Him work through you.

Submit To One-another

17th October

And further, submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.”


Submission is a term that can conjure negative feelings. Yet in a Biblical context, and more so in this passage, submission is not a sign of weakness or negativity but an act of humility and strength. When you submit to someone else, you are empowering them to be who God made them to be. You are releasing people in their gifts and bringing God the glory. The same applies in marriage, the context of which this passage was originally written for. Submission in marriage is not one way. It is mutual.

Paul alludes to the relationship between us (God’s church) and Christ. He tells us that just as Christ loved us, so we should love each other. Just as Christ laid down His life sacrificially for our sakes, so we should do the same with each other. Christ gave us the perfect example of ultimate humility, sacrifice and submission. He put our needs before His own life, and freely gave it up for us. If we believe this, then we should have no hesitation to freely lay down our lives, not only for our spouse but for all.

When Jesus laid down His life for us, He elevated us to become children of God, no longer slaves to the enemy, sin and temptation. He empowered us to live in His original plan for our lives and in turn, glorified Himself through us. See how powerful submission and humility are?! Both ends of the deal, end up with God getting the glory! Our natural desires of glorifying ourselves are quashed as we start to live in Gods desires for our lives.