Stand Up…You Are Healed


14th November

Jesus told him, “Stand up, pick up your mat, and walk!” Instantly, the man was healed!”

John 5:8-9a

Jesus has the ability to completely heal our bodies and situations. Sometimes if we have a headache we take a paracetamol and perhaps we may feel temporary relief. But more often than not, the pain returns and so does the discomfort. When Jesus heals however, it is permanent. The sick man in today’s story couldn’t move or walk for 38 years. Yet after a touch from Jesus, he was instantly, permanently and completely healed! Jesus can do the same in your life too!! If there is something that is causing pain or heartache in your life, ask Jesus to specifically heal it and watch and see His instant miraculous healing. Granted, sometimes our prayers might not always get the immediate and instant answer we want, but that shouldn’t stop us trusting God for instant healing. He can do it. Perhaps Jesus chose the sick man from the crowds of people because he was ready to exercise his hope in faith of Jesus’ healing. May we too, trust God for the supernatural. He can do things beyond expectations. Be healed.

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