God Alone Breathes Salvation

22nd January

The Spirit alone gives eternal life. Human effort accomplishes nothing….”

John 6:63a

Not all of Jesus’ teaching were easy to understand. Many of the disciples struggled with what Jesus meant from some of His parables and teaching. In fact, many disciples (followers) of Jesus deserted Him because of some of His harder teaching. Yet it wasn’t that Jesus was trying to keep truth from people, rather He was highlighting through human understanding alone, we may never grasp the truths of God. It is the Spirit that opens our heart and gives us understanding.

This is significant when we want to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who don’t yet believe. If we try and reason with them on a human level, they may never know the truth about who God really is. Yet if we ask that the Holy Spirit open their hearts to His truth, we can trust that their salvation is safely in His hands. It is Christ’s love and Christ’s power and the Spirit alone that gives eternal life. It’s quite a refreshing thought that salvation has nothing to do with us right?! Not that it negates our responsibilities to live life as ambassadors of Christ, but rather knowing that we don’t have to convince people to believe in Him, relieves the pressure, stress and worry for our beloved ones. Trust their salvation into His hands. Pray without ceasing. Live a life full of Christ as an example. And breathe…